Kawai K5 jacks:

MIX: This is the mixed line output of the outputs 1-4
1 - 4: If you edit Multipatches every Single Patch that you use can be assigned to one of the four jacks, always active in Single Mode
(Edit a Multipatch then press the button B for window 2 and in the rightmost column you can set the output)
EXP: Usual expression volume pedal input
PEDAL: Pedal input, it can control SLOPE, CUTOFF Filter, DHG or DFG LFO all parameters that can be used with MOD WHEEL too.
LINK: Link footswitch that can be programmed to step through configurable sequences of 8 programs.
HOLD: Sustain/Hold switch.
ON-PROTECT-OFF: Switch for securing the INTERNAL ram card against unintentional overwriting. If it switched ON you cannot overwrite the internal stored patches of the K5. For protect or unprotect the EXTERNAL ram card, you have to press the SYSTEM button twice and you'll get the CARD MENU where you can set your external ram card write protected if you set PROTECT=ON or you can set it writeable if you set it PROTECT=--.
kawai K5 jacks
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