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Collections of free patches for Kawai K5 are published here.
If you are a Kawai K5 owner and you have patches that you want to contribute to other Kawai K5 owners you can download the Librarian and use it or another program that is capable of creating simple sysex dump to store patches.
Then please send it to the library and i will publish it with the name of the originator on this site, anonymous are also welcome.

All Patches are Kfuenf Librarian Format(raw sysex F0...F7) which is send by a K5, when two Kawai K5 are connected together for dumping patch data to each other like it is shown on page 38 of the original K5/K5m owners manual that can be downloaded at KAWAI US .
  1. sounds-kfuenf.zip Original Factory Patches
  2. selection.zip A selection of my patches including the missing two factory patches in the previously released zipfile, B3 and Strings, my actual selection, and a little K5m selection

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Last change: 01/13/2021
Klaus Tzieply