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Java MidiDeviceProvider Implementation for Linux

Kfuenf Java MidiDeviceProvider Implementation

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Kfuenf Java MidiDeviceProvider Implementation for Linux

Hello to all Linux Java developers who want to use their external Midi devices with Java.

With the KfuenfLinuxMidiDeviceProvider spi implementation of MidiDeviceProvider for Linux there is the possibilty to send Midi data to an external Midi device and to receive data from an external Midi device with Linux (OSS API).

Just download the kfuenfspi.jar write your Java application and add the kfuenfspi.jar to the classpath.

If you want to know more about the kfuenfspi download the kfuenfspijavadoc.tgz which contains the javadoc for the KfuenfLinuxMidiDeviceProvider implementation.

If you want to know much more about the kfuenfspi download the kfuenfspi_src.tgz which contains the complete source code for the KfuenfLinuxMidiDeviceProvider implementation.

If you have questions about Java and Midi just goto http://www.jsresources.org/ those people are highly skilled using Linux, Java and Midi and they have many good answers and examples.

The Linux version of Kfuenf MidiDeviceProvider is tested on a Redhat 9 distribution with SUN JAVA J2SE 5.0 and J2SE 5.0 JRE and it does only work with SUN JAVA J2SE 5.0 or higher!
Download SUN Java J2SE 5.0 from SUN. sun java logo

which is not installed using the .rpm file, but installed using the linux .bin file from Sun download page. If you are a linux freak that should be no problem for you.

If you have questions about getting your Linux Midi device going, goto the Linux Midi websites like http://linux-sound.org/ or do ask someone who knows about getting your Midi device work.

The best starting point for Linux, Java and Midi http://www.tritonus.org/ they do have loads of excellent things.

The best solution for MAC, Java and Midi is done by Bob Langs Plumstone Project .

Kfuenf Java linuxmidiplayer demo for Linux

For a simple demonstration of how the Kfuenf MidiDeviceProvider for Linux is working, i have implemented a tiny little linuxmidiplayer which is using the kfuenfspi.jar.
(The demo is working with Windows too, but you do not need the kfuenfspi.jar at all.)

Just download the linuxmidiplayer.tgz unzip into an empty directory and call

sh linuxmidiplayer.sh

the linuxmidiplayer should start.
From Midi->Settings dialog choose your Midi raw device, you want to use for Midi IO.
If your Midi device is not listed in the Midi->Settings dropdownlist, put a file named "linuxdevices" into your "user.dir" (you know it from System.getProperty("user.dir"); ) then the devices list will be read from your custom file, look at the original linuxdevices file for the format.
Then use Midi->Open Midi Devices to open the devices and after that it should be possible to play files if you open it with the open button.
If something is not working correctly you can download the source and fix it by yourself.

If you have opened a file for playing and opened the correct Midi devices and opened the watcher windows and the midi player keyboard (which is the MidiSynth.java from JavaSound demo from Sun) and you have played some keys on your Midi keyboard and send some Midi data to the Midi device it looks similar to this:

linuxmidiplayer Demo for Kfuenf Java MidiDeviceProvider Implementation .

If you want to know much more about the linuxmidiplayer download the linuxmidiplayer_src.tgz which contains the complete source code for the LinuxMidiPlayer implementation.

(A note for Windows users, if you have unpacked the linuxmidiplayer.tgz, just dblclick the linuxmidiplayer.jar and from Settings dialog choose "Real Time Sequencer" if available, then you can use the play file option too ;) but for Windows users there are much more better tools for playing midi files even with Java too).

You can import the source into Netbeans Created with NetBeans! and modify or correct.

KfuenfLinuxMidiDeviceProvider is free, unlicensed, public domain and open source and has absolutely no guarantee or warranty. Use at your own risk.
Look into the files for limitations or license notices of other copyright holders of the code from Sun (i use a modified MidiSynth.java of Sun JavaSound Demo) and from www.jsresource.org (unmodified DumpReceiver.java) .

The kfuenfspi_142.jar should work with SUN JDK 1.4.2 . The source for it is kfuenfspi_142_src.tgz for all those who cannot use SUN JAVA J2SE 5.0, the docu is the same as for SUN JAVA J2SE 5.0 version.

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Last change: 01/13/2021
Klaus Tzieply